Chaukhambha View Resort

Jakhdhar Road, Devar, Guptakashi, Near Burans Heli Resort-246439


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Chaukhamba View Resort is situated on Guptkashi, Jakhdhar road while going to Kedarnath Dham in Uttarakhand state. It is situated at a very beautiful place, towards north, Himalayan mountain is visible, which is covered with evergreen snow touching the sky, looks very attractive from the resort, main one beingĀ  Chaukhambha Peak mountain called Taj is also visible, after this name of the resort named is Chaukhambha View Resort. The beautiful peak Chaukhamba (Kedarnath-peak) and Mandani parvat etc. Madhyamaheshwar valley and Budha Madhyamaheshwar Top are also visible.

Some of the places that look like Chaukhamba View Resort are as follows.

  • Chaukhamba peak
  • Kedarnath peak
  • Nandani valley
  • Madhyamaheshwar valley
  • Madhu Ganga
  • Tungnath temple
  • Chandrashila Top
  • Hathini Top